Kyiv and Ukraine are the historical center of Christian civilization in Central and Eastern Europe. Moscow and other surrounding powers sought for centuries to steal this birthright from Ukraine. The Ukrainian people have always fought for their freedom and their land. Today, we come close to an historical culmination - the return of Ukraine’s birthright, the revival of national identity, and the development of a newly born country.


The best social and governmental transformations can only take place through a constitutional focus on the responsibility to God, one’s own conscience, and previous, present, and future generations.

Ukraine’s most important resource is its people – men and women, families, children! A territory becomes a nation when its people and its land are inseparable. In Ukraine, this unity has been gravely disrupted. Since the beginning of the war in 2014, the demographic problem has become extremely acute. After the cancelling of the visa regime, countless millions of dollars worth of labor has emigrated from Ukraine. And according to UN data, over the past two years, more than 8 million Ukrainians, primarily women and children, have become refugees around the world. At the same time, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian men die or are maimed while defending our land.


That is why family policy, the protection of children and of life, and the support of fatherhood and motherhood, should become key priorities of the state’s policy. Not only for social reasons, but also for Ukraine’s security.

Today, it is critical that we overcome the army of Russian invaders and liberate our lands. But at the same time, we must block the destructive efforts of Western neo-Marxists. Because at a time when the Ukrainian army is defending our land and our families, various forces are promoting destructive ideas inside Ukraine that threaten our national identity, our children, our families, and our fundamental values of Life, Family, Dignity, and Victory.

Ukraine is a country with a dramatic history and a great future. Here we unite to protect and preserve what is most valuable!

img The Armed Forces of Ukraine: Protecting lives and families
img Demography as a factor in the existence of the nation state
img Family policy and national security
img Finding and helping children and families during war
img Practical assistance for Ukrainian communities and regions
img Protecting the family in international human rights
img Ukraine as an exporter to Europe of values and dignity

We Unite to protect and Defend most valuable – Human Life!
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