The co-organizers of the Summit include powerful
international public and charitable organizations.

CHALICE OF MERCY – Organizer and Chief Sponsor of the International Summit, “Ukraine – Life. Dignity. Victory!” Chalice of Mercy is a non-profit that has been providing humanitarian aid and medical support to Ukraine for 16 years.
The organization was founded in 2007 by Ukrainian-American Valentina Pavsyukova in the small town of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. In the early years, the organization provided medical equipment to hospitals in Ukraine, renovated the Zaporizhia Hospice of Archangel Michael for seriously ill patients, and founded daycare ”St. Maria Goretti" in Zaporizhzhia.
Chalice of Mercy also organized more than 60 pilgrimage trips for Ukrainian youth, gynecologists and ATO soldiers.

Since the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the organization began to pull in record amounts of assistance funds. Since then, Chalice of Mercy has increased its efforts to support the civilian population as well as medical Stabilization Centers, Field Hospitals, Military Hospitals and other Hospitals. The organization takes care of the families of Ukrainian defenders and provides them with humanitarian support. The total amount of assistance already exceeds 38 million dollars.

Chalice of Mercy is the main sponsor of Protez Foundation (Minnesota, US), which is the largest non-profit in the world providing prosthetics for the Ukrainian military. During the first year of Protez Foundation’s existence, 76 Ukrainian soldiers received prosthetics in the US free of charge, including all expenses paid for their flights and accommodation. Each soldier returns to Ukraine with three types of prosthetics from the leading companies Ottobock and Ossur. A total of 243 prosthetics and prosthetic devices were provided.
«Protez foundation» Protez Foundation – it is one of the world's largest charitable foundations for prosthetics and rehabilitation of Ukrainian military personnel, civilians, and children. The main clinic is located in the USA in the state of Minnesota.
Protez Foundation is the largest non-profit in the world providing prosthetics to Ukrainian soldiers. During the first year of its existence, Protez Foundation provided 76 Ukrainian soldiers with free prosthetics in the US, including full coverage for flights, lodging and meals during their stay, as well as their rehabilitation. 243 prosthetics and prosthetic devices have been provided free of charge to soldiers fighting for Ukraine.
On March 1, 2023, Protez Foundation opened a rehabilitation clinic for military personnel in the city of Svalyava in Transcarpathia, Ukraine.
The Viva México Movement was born in 2019 after a tour of all the states of Mexico, for the purpose of solving social problems of Mexico. The Viva México Movement recognizes the need for unity and coordination in order to tackle the challenges of modern civil society. With this in mind, our motto is, "Together we are stronger."
Viva México Movement is a SOCIAL MOVEMENT dedicated to uniting the efforts of civil society – both individuals and organizations – in favor of basic human rights to achieve harmony for its citizens.
The Viva México Movement aims at an economically developed Mexico, where justice and equal responsibility are guaranteed, and where poverty is eradicated.
O.U.R. Vision fights child trafficking and sexual exploitation around the world. O.U.R. work has no borders – we go to the most secret corners of the world to help law enforcement agencies save children and ensure constant and proper care. We provide critical resources to law enforcement agencies to take preventive action that benefits at-risk children around the world.
Our resolve is unwavering, and we will work with tireless dedication until every child is safe.
Movie to Movement’s mission is to promote the incomparable dignity and beauty of the human person through the power of film. We move people to action by creating and promoting films that promote a culture of life, love and beauty.
To protect vulnerable segments of the population from violence, to defend human dignity, and to inspire mutual aid and support.

VISION: A civilization that honors the dignity, beauty, and the value of the human person from the first appearance of life to natural death, and faithfully protects life at all levels of government, from the smallest village to alliances and agreements between sovereign nations.

  • A protection of the most vulnerable segments of the population.
  • A corrective response to a false humanism and a narrow vision of human dignity.
  • A support system for needy people who find themselves in critical situations in difficult times.
Since 1998, Adrian Bukovinsky has led family seminars that have prepared more than six thousand couples for marriage. In 2012, at the National Pedagogical University in Ukraine, he successfully defended his thesis on “Family as a Socio-Cultural Phenomenon in Ukraine.”
Mr. Bukovinsky is a teacher and mentor for the Polish organization, which focuses on responsible fatherhood. He is also the author or co-author of several books, essays, and scientific papers on family-oriented subjects.
Finally, Mr. Bukovinsky hosts a Family Basics channel on YouTube.
ALL TOGETHER! All Together! is a Ukrainian civil free association of people and organizations that profess shared eternal values.
  • Social and state transformations based on the constitutional idea of responsibility to God, to one’s own conscience, and to previous, current and future generations.
  • Christian, Gospel values and principles constitute the best foundation for a successful state and a just society.
  • Ukraine-centrism and the protection of national interests must be at the core of state policy.
  • Effective work, proven competence, and a strong work ethic are essential for sustainable development.
  • Public leadership and public administration.
  • Family, marriage, parenthood, motherhood, child development.
  • Life and health: preservation and support.
  • Applied analytics and strategy development.
  • We organize thematic street events: family festivals and human rights activies.
  • We interact with authorities at the state and local levels.
  • We prepare competent analytical materials and relevant media products.
  • We equip social leaders and managers.
For Human Dignity has been operating since 1992. Thanks to its efforts in tandem with other organizations, it successfully spearheaded the campaign to change the laws surrounding artificial termination of pregnancy, which was allowed up to 27 weeks of pregnancy for medical and social reasons.
SAVE UKRAINE Save Ukraine is a war rescue network founded in 2014.
Since its inception, Save Ukraine has focused on evacuating vulnerable people from war zones. Save Ukraine also restores and rebuilds the lives of Ukrainian families with children.
Since February 24, 2022 Save Ukraine has:
  • Helped more than 77,500 children and adults evacuate from war zones;
  • Provided more than 104,000 people with humanitarian aid
  • Provided more than 86,600 people with psychological, medical and legal assistance
The Conservative Movement of Ukraine “Sobor” The Conservative Movement of Ukraine “Sobor”unites leading religious and public organizations, as well as all concerned citizens, around the idea of building a Christian path for the development of the Ukrainian state.
The coordinators of the regional branches of the “Sobor” work throughout Ukraine, providing daily assistance to many thousands of refugees, families, children, the disabled, the destitute, the wounded, and people who have lost their homes in this terrible war unleashed against Ukraine by the Russian Federation.
UKRAINIAN COUNCIL OF CHURCHES & RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS (UCCRO) Represents more than 95% of all religious organizations of Ukraine, with more than 25 years of interfaith cooperation.
The Council of Churches and Religious Organizations is one of the most authoritative public institutions in Ukraine, and it operates on the basis of self-organization and is independent of the government, political parties, and business structures. The Council of Churches and Religious Organizations takes an active part in the public life of the country, responding to public challenges with public statements, peacemaking, and other measures.
Since the beginning of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, UCCRO has been actively involved in the protection of the rights of believers and religious communities who suffer from religious persecution in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. It conducts consistent activities aimed at the release of Ukrainian citizens from Russian captivity.
FOR LIFE For Life is a Christian Movement focused on the protection of life from conception to natural death. It offers a prayer service for life, and educational activities toward the preservation of life from the moment of conception.